3 October 2016

By: kellyoarts | 3 Oct 2016

A few people have asked why I don’t have my “other” Mets portraits up on the site. I’m going to put them here for now…

6 May 2016

By: kellyoarts | 6 May 2016

Another 3 months goes by without me updating this. Oops. But I’m here now, so forgive and forget. One or two of you may be…

12 February 2016

By: kellyoarts | 12 Feb 2016

Honestly, I forget I even have a website. It isn’t until someone comments on it or asks if I have one that the lightbulb goes…

9 January 2016

By: kellyoarts | 9 Jan 2016

Happy New Year everyone. A few days ago, MLB announced who was going into the Hall of Fame in 2016. I created a piece in…

12 December 2015 (Happy Holidays!)

By: kellyoarts | 12 Dec 2015

I know, it’s shocking I’m posting again so soon but I just wanted to put this here before the holidays are over: That is the…

27 November 2015

By: kellyoarts | 27 Nov 2015

It’s been almost 4 months since I wrote an entry here. Oops. From what I hear, my site has also been semi-broken for a month….

1 August 2015

By: kellyoarts | 1 Aug 2015
Yes, my site is under construction. Again. That means it'll be running a little slow for a while and a lot of content might be...

Presidential Portraits Q&A

By: kellyoarts | 28 Jan 2015

They’re finally up! When I originally posted my Presidential Portraits, I included an entry that had some of the questions I had received along the…

12 January 2015

By: kellyoarts | 12 Jan 2015

It’s been 1 year since I decided to start up the old website and here we are. Doesn’t look very finished for being a year…

3 December 2014

By: kellyoarts | 3 Dec 2014

My site works! Thanks to some serious help from an awesome guy named Jon from Themebeans, my site looks like a normal site again! The…