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I don’t have a fancy pants “artist’s statement” or a pretentious biography written in the third person, so here’s me in a grammatically incorrect nutshell:

I started at Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers University) and transferred to Tyler School of Art (Temple University), of which I am proud to be an alumna. I do, however, wish they would stop trying to hit me up for money.

I sketch on trains and buses, I doodle in meetings, and I get lost in the little details of the world pretty much everywhere I go. Sometimes I fail to hear what people are saying to me because I’m noticing the curl of their lips or the folds of their ears. I don’t see purple or blue, I see plum and cerulean. I can find a pattern in e v e r y t h i n g. I hoard art supplies because I fall in love every time I walk down the paint aisle of an art supply store. My life, for better or worse, revolves around art in all its forms.

Aside from my love of art, I also adore dogs, babies, those large colored Christmas lights, any song played on a cello, the ocean at night, baseball, and farms. Oh, and history. Wait, and Martha’s Vineyard. Okay, and books — real books that can be held and smelled.

Still want to know more? Contact me for a mostly formal resume and/or a professional portfolio.