6 May 2016

By: kellyoarts | 6 May 2016

Another 3 months goes by without me updating this. Oops. But I’m here now, so forgive and forget.

One or two of you may be here because you saw my new Facebook page for my artwork (Kelly O Arts) and a few of you might be here because you saw my art Twitter account (@MLB_portraits). If you haven’t liked or followed one or the other, you doing so now would be greatly appreciated [but certainly not required].

Second order of business: I’ll be taking down the 2015 Mets portraits page from my portfolio and replacing it with 2016 Mets portraits. Shocking, I’m sure. I might re-use some portraits just because I don’t think it’s necessary to redraw the same guy every single season, but most of them will be new.

Why did I bother to tell you that? Because I’m 100% sure that someone will message me saying, “WHY DID YOU TAKE THEM DOWN?! I WANTED A PRINT!” No big deal! If you liked the 2015 version of Matt Harvey better than the 2016 one (the way he’s pitching so far, I think we all like 2015 Matt better) and really want a print of that, be specific when you shoot me a message. It’ll be okay.

Next up to talk about: my store(s). I’ve been using TeePublic (kellyoconnell’s TeePublic Store) for 2 years or so, but in the last few months, I branched out and set up a RedBubble store (KellyOArts). What’s cool about that is there are stickers, phone cases, t-shirts, hoodies, and other various products that you can buy with my art on it. Right now, if you’re a fan of anyone other than the Mets, this probably won’t interest you. But, with enough interest shown, I might expand the selection. There are a few non-sports related items in each of my stores as well.

Lastly, I am still working on the Baseball Hall of Fame portraits, but there are only so many precious hours in a day and that takes the backseat to things people are requesting and, ya know, my actual job. It’s a bummer, but being an adult is hard. As always, you can find those on my Tumblr (Baseball Hall of Fame Portraits) and I do post one or two on my other social media accounts when it tickles my fancy.

Okay, I’ve throw a bunch of links at you and I am social media’ed out at the moment, so that’s it for the next 3 months probably. Keep sending me messages on the 294802 sites I belong to telling me who you want to see drawn! And it doesn’t even have to be a baseball player; I like all kinds of challenges.