1 August 2015

By: kellyoarts | 1 Aug 2015

Yes, my site is under construction. Again. That means it’ll be running a little slow for a while and a lot of content might be missing. It also means it’s going to be super awesome when it’s done (hopefully).

Since my current project — the baseball portraits — are my most visited pages, I’ve already added them and they are completely accessible. I’m looking into adding a “buy now” option so that you can purchase a print directly from that page, but I haven’t settled on the best method yet. So, for now, just fill out the contact form I included under the portraits and tell me which one(s) you want. You can also continue DMing me on Twitter with orders if you prefer. It’s getting a little hectic, though, so I’m hoping to streamline that whole experience soon.

It feels a little as though I’ve lost some understanding of how to build my website (laziness? using templates for too long? old age? I don’t know), so if anyone has any helpful tips or suggestions, that’d be awesome. I’m slogging through it on my own at the moment and doing okay, but I could definitely use some advice. Use the contact form, write a comment, stalk me on Twitter… do whatever you have to do. I greatly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in knowing a little more about my baseball portraits, I did a Q&A with a completely adorable 12 year-old whose mother has been a huge supporter of mine. It was a little project he was doing for his school in June.

Q: Why did you decide to draw baseball players?

A: I was bored while watching one particularly bad Mets game and just started sketching Matt Harvey. It wasn’t anything special, just a small sketch in my sketchbook. I was teaching a digital art class the next day and decided to show them how to transfer a sketch to the computer to work on it some more. After I finished it, I decided to post it on my Twitter that I use to promote my art and vent about the Mets. I never expected it to get such a response, but people really liked it and wanted to see more. So, I just started doing more.

Q: Do you have a favorite of the ones you did?

A: Well, I am pretty pleased with my Andrew McCutchen portrait. Those dreads were hard to do! And then he shaved them off exactly a month later!

Q: Are there any you don’t like?

A: I’m not a fan of my Corey Kluber portrait. He’s pretty difficult to capture and I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Indians game in my life, so it’s difficult to draw someone you’ve never seen before.


Q: Is it hard being a girl that likes baseball?

A: Sure, sometimes. Boys don’t think I know as much about baseball just because I’m a girl, which is really silly. I grew up with an older brother and baseball was how I could connect to him and my dad.

Q: Are you going to keep doing the portraits?

A: Definitely! At this point, I don’t think I can stop. I’ve got too many people asking to see a particular player. The list keeps getting longer and scarier. Like I said, this started out as just a little hobby or way to fill some time, so to see it become so popular is really awesome.

There you go, the secrets of my baseball portrait revealed. ;)