12 January 2015

By: kellyoarts | 12 Jan 2015

It’s been 1 year since I decided to start up the old website and here we are. Doesn’t look very finished for being a year old, huh? Well, I did switch hosts in November and everything was wiped clean. I think it’s coming along pretty nicely, though!

I’ve added a new portfolio category for my New Era Introducing entry from a couple of years ago. I still haven’t put up the Presidential Portraits, but I’m working on it. Also in the works is a new category for pointillism and one devoted to a single project I’m currently working on. Those should be up by the end of the month (or at least one of them will at this rate).

Quick thing about comments: discussions are automatically closed on an entry after 20 days, so just hit up the contact page if you wanted to mention or ask something.

For those of you here looking for my Baseball Hall of Fame portrait series, I haven’t been working on that at all. I will put up what I’ve done so far, but nothing new will come anytime in the near future. I’m busy with other projects right now, but maybe once baseball season starts up again, I’ll get the itch to work on it again.

Still no progress on the ‘store’ portion of the site. The platform I used to use — Storenvy — started charging a processing fee. Between their fee and the fee of Printful, which is pretty significant on its own, it’s not profitable for me at all. I’m just breaking even. For the amount of work involved, it’s just not worth it, and I don’t want to have to increase prices even more for customers just to be able to make a couple of dollars from each print. So, I’m still looking around for the right place(s) to get it done. Stay tuned and in the meantime, if there’s a specific print you’d like, just send me a note through the contact page.

One last thing: I have  no idea why there are two sets of “share this” icons on past entries. It’s just one of those quirks I can’t seem to find the source of. So, deal with it. Or share twice!

Okay, back to work! Thanks for stopping by. :)