3 December 2014

By: kellyoarts | 3 Dec 2014

My site works! Thanks to some serious help from an awesome guy named Jon from Themebeans, my site looks like a normal site again! The portfolio is coming along. It’s missing a LOT of stuff, but I’m adding it slowly. The other pages in the navigation all have content now and the comments section does work, though comments still need to be approved by me for first-time posters. I’ll be adding a link to my TeePublic store from that portfolio section, probably right after I finish this entry, and in the future there’ll be a ‘store’ page like there used to be that’ll link you to my products.


I’ve noticed in my advanced stats that a large number of people are finding my site by searching for ‘presidential portraits’ or a similar search query, so my most popular series will be going up in the near future. One small change, however, as I’ll be adding watermarks to each and every image to stop them from being stolen repeatedly (though they already have been, so who knows if it’ll do any good). You’ll notice a page titled ‘copyright info’ in the navigation; that’s exactly what the title implies and I encourage everyone who thinks about stealing an image from here to give that a read first. I’m a nice person, I promise. I just want credit for things I’ve worked very hard on. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request!


I guess that’s it for now, so stay tuned for updates and additions.